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"The response from Perivale Park Golf Club."

 The Proposition: 

Ealing Council proposes a Regional Park, and they are trying to emulate the Regional Park at Queen Elizabeth II at Lea Valley in East London, to increase green space. They aim to close Perivale Park Golf Course and re-wild it as part of their plans, but they also aim to build a Lido, a leisure centre nd an Arts Centre.



 We Say: 

  • Ealing Council will never be able to emulate the Regional Park in east London as this was on the back of billions spent on the Olympics and the legacy they left behind.

  • Perivale Golf Course is already green and can easily be part of the plans for a Regional Park in West London.

  • We welcome the idea of a Regional Park, and we would like to see a lot more trees planted in the park without the need to close the golf course.

  • The feasibility study is only just beginning now, and no financial study is available yet so why is Ealing Council in such a hurry to close the golf course, without the completion of this. And just exactly who is going to pay for all this huge investment?

  • Ealing Council wants to increase green space, but they propose importing concrete in the form of the Lido, Leisure and Art Centres. This is nothing short of vandalism! Find a better place for this elsewhere which is unused land!!

  • The attempt by Ealing Council to conduct a consultation is very one-sided and doesn’t give the full picture. Council is shifting its emphasis from tackling the “climate change emergency” to providing new facilities so as to game the consultation.

  • Council is abusing its power with its vast majority to silence opposition and own party alike, during the Overview and Scrutiny committee hearing, where the chairperson asked portfolio holder to stop making political statements.



Why do we need to keep Perivale Park Golf Course?
  • There is absolutely no reason why the 9-hole course can not be an integral part of the new regional park. It is a lovely green space that the public has access to. As well as golfers, you will often find dog walkers and joggers using the course.

  • Perivale Park Golf Club have carried out a survey, and we estimate that 240 additional trees could be planted on the course and still could be used by golfers and the wider community. It would also go a long way to meeting Ealing’s environmental objectives to increase biodiversity and reconnect people with nature.

 How much is Perivale Golf Course used? 
  • Perivale Golf Course is a 9-hole, 2,667-yard course covering 21 hectares of open space. The course is in the Greenford area of Ealing, adjacent to Perivale Park and Perivale Park Athletics Track. It is a very flat course which is very accessible for older golfers and those with disabilities. It allows everyone access to a municipal course at affordable prices, and you will find many young people at the weekend using the course.

  • When we look around, we see the golf course is very busy. From 7 September to 18 November well over a 1000 people came to play golf at Perivale! There is plenty of room in Perivale Park for all types of new physical activities, and no need to close a 100-year-old course that promotes physical and mental well-being for everyone.

  • The Council is ignoring a large body of evidence showing golf increases life expectancy more than just walking.


What other golf courses and golf facilities are in the borough and nearby?
  • Perivale Park Golf Course is the only flat municipal 9-hole golf course in the area.

  • The private golf clubs in Ealing are not affordable to those who use Perivale Park Golf Course, with many users on lower incomes. The cost of a Monday to Friday season ticket is £500 (for seniors) at Perivale Golf Course.

  • Some users of the course do not have access to a car and use public transport, so they cannot easily travel to courses outside Ealing.

Let’s keep our course alive; Every voices counts and yours is crucial. So let’s band together and tell Ealing Council “Our golf course stays!”

November 2023

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