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From Sacrifice to Success: Shaping a Sustainable Future for Perivale Park Golf

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Unlocking the Potential Perivale Park Golf Course's Green Transformation Plan by PPGC
Perivale Park Golf Course's Green Transformation Plan by PPGC

Introduction to Save Perivale Park Golf:

At Perivale Park Golf Course, we’re not just preserving a place; we’re envisioning a sustainable future. Our heartfelt call, “We want to be part of the regional park,” reflects our commitment to align with Ealing Council’s environmental and community goals. A feasibility study is being prepared. We can't predict what it will say, of course, but we do know if the course closes prematurely in just a few months, it will be impossible to return it to a golf course. Help us ensure our vision where sacrifice paves the way for shared success has a chance.

Our Green Transformation Plan of Perivale Park Golf:

1. Enhancing Greenery:

“There is room for an estimated 240 additional trees on the course, AND WE CAN STILL PLAY GOLF.” This plan aligns with our heritage and meets modern environmental needs.

2. Promoting Community Wellness:

“Increasing the rewilding on the course…” represents our commitment to creating 1.8 hectares of rewilded space, championing community health and biodiversity.

3. Innovative Redesign:

“Reducing the course by one-third from 21 hectares to 14 hectares…” illustrates our willingness to adapt for a more significant cause, making space for additional family-friendly areas and urban greenery.

4. A Hub for Everyone:

Our course aims to be an inviting space for all, solidifying its role as an inclusive community hub.

Call to Action: Your Voice Matters to Save Perivale Park Golf Course

As we present these transformative ideas, your support is crucial. We urge you to participate in the Ealing Council Regional Park survey if you haven’t done so yet. Let your voice be heard and help us align our vision with the Council’s plans. Your input can significantly shape a community-focused, environmentally conscious future for our golf course.

Advocating for Collaborative Progress:

We hope the Council recognises the potential in our proposals, understanding how they reflect the values of wellness, active community living, and environmental care. This is an opportunity to exemplify genuine community engagement in urban planning.

Preserving and Enhancing Our Community’s Green Heart:

Our course is more than just a sports facility; it’s a legacy we’re entrusted to protect and enhance for future generations.

Join Us in Making History:

Your participation in the survey and continued support are vital. Together, let’s guide Perivale Park Golf Course into a new era of sustainability, inclusivity, and community pride. To learn more about how you can be involved and track our progress, please subscribe at

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05. Dez. 2023

Well done Perivale team - it's a great idea to show how the course can be adapted to contribute to the regional park. I am not a club member but have an annual membership and play there every week and would be happy to support your proposals. David Smith

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Paul M
Paul M
10. Dez. 2023
Antwort an

Hi David,

Thanks a ton for your kind words! It’s really encouraging to hear from someone who plays at Perivale Park Golf Course regularly and isn’t a club member. We truly value your support.

It's great to know you're on board with our plan to blend the golf course into the regional park project. It's supporters like you who make a big difference.

If you haven't already, we'd love for you to check out our website,, and subscribe for updates. There, you'll also find some simple ways to help our cause:

Sign our petition: Every signature makes our voice stronger.

Display a window poster: A small act to spread big awareness.

Take part in the Ealing Council survey: Your…

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