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Take Action: Write to Your MP and Councillor to
Save Perivale Park Golf Course

Act Now to Make a Difference!
  Contact Your Local MP:  

Easily find and write to your local MP to express your concerns. Simply enter your postcode Here to find your MP’s contact details.

Ealing MP’s:

Get in touch with Ealing's representatives and let them hear your voice.


Ealing Central and Acton

Ealing North


Ealing, Southall


  Reach Out to Your Local Councillor in Ealing:  

Your local councillors are key decision-makers. Find yours here.

  Crafting Your Message:  

When writing your email or letter, here's what you can include to make a strong case:

Your Personal Connection:

Share why Perivale Park Golf Course matters to you. Whether you're a golfer, dog walker, or runner, your persona story adds weight to your message.

Highlight the Course's Value:

  • "Perivale Park Golf Course is a vital nine-hole municipal course, cherished by a diverse community."

  • "It offers affordable access to sports, supporting health and wellbeing for all ages and backgrounds."

Mention Local Concerns:

  • "Ealing has already seen the loss of key sports facilities. We can't afford to lose Perivale Park Golf Course as well."

Emphasize Environmental Aspects:

  • "The course is a green space that can complement the proposed Regional Park in West London."

Cite Health Benefits:
"Golf is proven to increase life expectancy, offering more than just walking."

Sample Letter Template:

To help you get started, here's a sample letter template that you can personalize. Click the link.


After Sending Your Letter:
  • If you don't receive a response within a couple of weeks, consider a follow-up email.

  • Share your actions on social media to encourage others to join in.

Together, our voices are powerful. Let's unite to preserve this important part of our community.
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