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Ealing Council Regional Park Survey

Consultation now closed. Thank you for your support. Results of the consultation available after 4th February.

We need your support to stop the closure of the Perivale Park Golf Course by the Ealing Council.
The council plans to close the course so that the land can be part of a regional park.

As part of the consultation on the regional park, there are specific questions in the Ealing Regional Park Survey about the Perivale Park Golf course, which we need you to share your views on to keep the course open for use by the whole community now and in the future.


Please complete the survey on the consultation app by Tuesday 19th December!

 The Proposition by Ealing Council: 

Ealing Council proposes to transform the area into a Regional Park, inspired by Queen Elizabeth II Park at Lea Valley. Their plan involves increasing green spaces by closing Perivale Park Golf Course to re-wild it, alongside building a Lido, leisure, and arts centres.

 Our Stance: 

   •    Unfeasible Comparison: East London’s park was funded by the Olympics; Ealing’s scale is different.
   •    Already Green: Perivale Golf Course contributes significantly to local greenery.
   •    Pro-Green, Anti-Closure: More trees? Yes. Closing the course? No.
   •    Rushed Decisions: Why the haste without complete studies?
   •    Contradictory Investments: Building concrete structures contradicts green space objectives.
   •    One-Sided Consultation: Lacks transparency and full disclosure.
   •    Overlooking Evidence: Golf’s health benefits are significant.

 Why Keep the Course: 

    •    Community Green Space: Open to all, it’s a vital communal asset.
   •    Environmental Goals: Adding 240 trees aligns with Ealing’s objectives.
   •    High Usage: The course’s popularity showcases its community importance.
   •    Accessibility: Its terrain suits older and disabled players.
   •    Affordable and Essential: The only flat municipal 9-hole course in the area.

 In-Depth Analysis:

For enthusiasts eager to delve into "The Response from Perivale Park Golf Club, November 2023," or those wishing to explore the insightful speech by Leslie Glancy, Club Captain of Perivale Park Golf Club, delivered to the Ealing Council Scrutiny and Oversight Committee on October 5, 2023, our comprehensive coverage is readily available. Additionally, if you're interested in the details of the meeting with Councillors Knewstub and Costigan, held on Wednesday, November 29, at 6:30 PM at Perivale Park Athletics Park, simply click on the highlighted text. This will guide you directly to the respective articles, providing in-depth insights and information..

 Guide to Filling the Ealing Consultation App: 


Accessing the Ealing Regional Park Survey:

To stay informed about our Save Perivale Park Golf Course campaign and directly access the Ealing Regional Park Survey, you have two options:

  1. Complete our Form: To receive future updates about the campaign, fill in your details at the bottom of this page. After you click "Jump to Survey", you'll be automatically directed to the survey.

  2. Go directly: If you prefer not to leave your details, simply click below the green button labeled "Jump to Survey" to start the survey immediately.

Steps for Completing the Ealing Regional Park Survey:

  1. Enter Your Postcode: Begin by entering your postcode.

  2. Confirm Your Location: Select your area in the Ealing Borough or choose "none of these" if you reside outside the borough.

  3. Navigating the Survey: You'll encounter questions about the proposed Regional Park. To skip any question, click on the top right-hand corner of the survey page. However, it's crucial to emphasize the benefits of keeping the golf course.

  4. Key Questions on the Golf Course: Towards the end, you'll find three important questions regarding the closure of Perivale Park Golf Course. Please answer these in support of keeping the course open for community use.

  5. Add Your Comments: Share why keeping the course open is important. You can find helpful points and resources on

  6. Optional Personal Questions: The survey may ask personal questions. These are optional, and you can skip them if preferred.

After Completing the Survey:

Submit Your Responses: Ensure that you have answered all relevant questions and submit your responses.
Stay Engaged: Keep connected with our campaign by regularly visiting for updates and new ways to support.
By participating in the Ealing Regional Park Survey, your voice contributes significantly to our efforts to save Perivale Park Golf Course. Thank you for taking the time to support our cause!

 Join Our Voice: 

Let’s unite to tell Ealing Council: “Our golf course stays!” Your participation in the survey crucial. Every voice counts in preserving this valuable community asset.

Ready to Make a Difference? Enter Your Info Here and/or Jump Right into the Ealing Council Consultation!

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