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Colin's Lynch Journey: Finding Renewed Hope at Perivale Park Golf Club

My name is Colin Lynch, and I am a 73-year-old resident of West London. Sports have always been a significant part of my life. From football and cricket in my youth to playing cricket at a decent level as an adult, and later bowls, sport was my gateway to exercise and socialising.

Colin's Lynch Journey: Finding Renewed Hope at Perivale Park Golf Club
Colin Lynch

However, knee problems eventually forced me to retire from bowls, leaving a void in my life. The lack of exercise and social interaction led me into the clutches of depression, a state where hope seemed a distant memory.

That's when a friend introduced me to Perivale Park Golf Club. Joining this club was a decision that changed my life. The golf course offered not just physical activity but a community where I found friendship and support. It was here that I saw my mental health gradually improve, surrounded by the camaraderie of fellow members.

Now, the potential closure of Perivale Park Golf Club looms over me, threatening to plunge me back into isolation. This isn't just about losing a sports facility; it's about losing my sanctuary. As the only accessible 9-hole flat course suitable for my physical condition and within my budget, its loss would be devastating.

I wonder, does the Ealing Labour Council recognise the impact this decision will have on the physical and mental well-being of its community members like me?


Call to Action: Your Voice Matters to Save Perivale Park Golf Course in the Ealing Regional Park Survey

As we present these transformative ideas, your support is crucial. We urge you to participate in the Ealing Council Regional Park survey if you haven’t done so yet. Let your voice be heard and help us align our vision with the Council’s plans. Your input can significantly shape our golf course's community-focused, environmentally conscious future.

Preserving and Enhancing Our Community’s Green Heart:

Our course is more than just a sports facility; it’s a legacy we’re entrusted to protect and enhance for future generations.

Join Us in Making History:

Your participation in the survey and continued support are vital. Together, let’s guide Perivale Park Golf Course into a new era of sustainability, inclusivity, and community pride. To learn more about how you can be involved and track our progress, please subscribe at

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