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George Kolorz's Heartfelt Appeal to Save Perivale Park Golf Course

I was born into a working-class family and have always had a soft spot for Labour’s social principles, and still do. Having played as a beginner at Perivale Park Golf Course and since for the last 24 years (I am now 73), I know what a diverse community of people play there and benefit hugely as I do. The proposal to close the course is devastating for me and over a thousand others who play at this course annually.

Why has the Ealing Labour Council stopped supporting the young, the vulnerable, the underprivileged, those limited physically, those needing social contact for their wellbeing, and those of limited means? If the Perivale Park golf course is closed, where will Ealing teenage golfers go to play nine holes of golf until 8.30 or 9 or 9.30 on summer evenings? Where will retired golfers with physical constraints find another flat, 9-hole course which they can just about manage but gives them the exercise they need 12 months a year (I am one of many in this position)? Where will those on very limited income find an affordable 9-hole golf course? Where will those with little spare time find another affordable and accessible 9-hole course in Ealing? Where will all the above find the emotional and social support from fellow golfers locally, affordably and accessibly?

There is no other flat, affordable, proper nine-hole golf course in Ealing or any of the Boroughs surrounding it. Over 1,000 different golfers per year and 30,000 rounds of golf per year at Perivale Park prove its need.

Please, Ealing Labour Council, do the right thing for all these people and let the course stay open.

George Kolorz

Join me, George, in sharing and supporting our campaign. Let's unite our voices to save a place that means so much to so many. #SavePerivaleParkGolf


Call to Action: Your Voice Matters to Save Perivale Park Golf Course in the Ealing Regional Park Survey

As we present these transformative ideas, your support is crucial. We urge you to participate in the Ealing Council Regional Park survey if you haven’t done so yet. Let your voice be heard and help us align our vision with the Council’s plans. Your input can significantly shape our golf course's community-focused, environmentally conscious future.

Preserving and Enhancing Our Community’s Green Heart:

Our course is more than just a sports facility; it’s a legacy we’re entrusted to protect and enhance for future generations.

Join Us in Making History:

Your participation in the survey and continued support are vital. Together, let’s guide Perivale Park Golf Course into a new era of sustainability, inclusivity, and community pride. To learn more about how you can be involved and track our progress, please subscribe at

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