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Exciting Weekend for Perivale Golfers

Dear All,

This weekend promises to be an exciting one for Perivale golfers as the NAPGC Championship of England National qualifiers take place at Stevenage Golf Club and Wycombe Heights Golf Club. Our very own club qualifiers, Rodney Henry, Santa Gurung, Neil Parsons, Sean Penfold, and Wagner Mendez, will be representing us.

Always positive, Wagner Mendez battled rain and a damp course to represent Perivale Park Golf Club in the NAPGC National Championships. A true fighter, Wagner has had to adapt his swing to cope with a childhood injury. And what a swing it is—he sets up and hits the ball for miles. Well done, Wagner! The club is proud of you. Tomorrow will be the final day, so let's keep our fingers crossed for our boys.

Stay tuned for updates and results.


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Perivale Park Golf Club, what a great environment to grow in golf, in building friendship, Erving, and much more.

I will always be thankful for this great opportunity regardless of wher God takes me in the future for my next assignment.

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