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PPGC Competitions Start Again at Our New Home

The Perivale Park Golf Club is thrilled to announce the return of its competitions, now held at our new home course, Brent Valley.

In our first event at Brent Valley, club members Dave Chapman, David Soares, and Terry Marston enjoyed a relaxing day after participating in the competition. Reflecting on the experience, Dave Chapman shared, “Obviously, we are terribly upset over the loss of our old course, but we’ve been made very welcome at Brent Valley, and the course itself is in lovely condition. We’re looking forward to our nine-hole competition course being authorized soon.”

They relaxed after participating in the inaugural Perivale Park Golf Club competition at their new home course, Brent Valley.
From left to right Dave Chapman, David Soares and Terry Marston.

Despite the challenges, the camaraderie and spirit of the Perivale Park Golf Club remain strong. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Brent Valley team for their warm hospitality and support during this transition.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming competitions and events. Let’s continue to enjoy the game we love and support each other as we move forward.

For more details or to join our Perivale Park​ Golf Club, please visit [](

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