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Hope and Solidarity: A Pivotal Moment for Perivale Park Golf Club

Hello, wonderful supporters and friends of the Save Perivale Park Golf Course campaign.

Today is a significant moment for all of us who have been tirelessly working to protect the heart of our community—the Perivale Park Golf Course (PPGC). I want to share some uplifting news with you all. Our very own Leslie Glancy, Bhupinder, and Harvindar are meeting with Councillors Knewstub and Costigan at Perceval House today. This meeting is a crucial step, especially as we're on the eve of the consultation results announcement tomorrow, March 7th, 2024.

For over 93 years, PPGC has been more than just a sports venue; it's been a gathering place where friendships flourish, families bond, and life's moments are celebrated. It stands as a beacon of accessibility, inclusivity, and the power of community spirit.

As we await the decision from the Labour-run Ealing Council, we're hopeful for a positive outcome that aligns with our values of unity and equity. This isn't just about preserving a golf course; it's about safeguarding a legacy and ensuring our community remains vibrant and inclusive for everyone, not just a privileged few.

Leslie, Bhupinder, and Harvindar are not just attending a meeting; they're representing each one of us, our hopes, our stories, and our collective wish to see PPGC thrive as a community asset for generations to come.

To every supporter out there, let's unite in hope and optimism. Together, we've shown incredible resilience and commitment to this cause. Let's continue to stand firm in our belief that the Labour-run Ealing Council will make a decision that reflects the true values of fairness and community support.

We'll share any updates from today's meeting as soon as we have them, ensuring you're all informed directly from us. It's vital that we stay connected and support each other, now more than ever.

Here's to keeping our fingers crossed for a decision that celebrates our shared efforts and preserves the legacy of Perivale Park Golf Course alive for all to enjoy.

With heartfelt thanks and solidarity,

The Save Perivale Park Golf Course Campaign Team

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I hear today that the decision has been made to close the course in June of this year. So sad. Shame on those councillors who voted for this and shattered the lives of so many who delighted in the physical and mental health benefits of this place

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