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Perivale Park Golf Club is a shining example of a community that gives back


At Perivale Park Golf Club, our commitment extends beyond the fairways. Over the years, our club has proudly supported two remarkable charities, McMillan Cancer Support and Certitude, embodying a tradition of community giving and awareness. Today, we celebrate this legacy of generosity and contemplate the future of our charitable contributions.

A Tradition of Generosity:

Our club has always believed in the power of giving back. Through various fundraising events, tournaments, and member contributions, we have collectively raised over £25,000 for McMillan Cancer Support and Certitude. These donations have made a significant impact, supporting the invaluable work these charities do in providing care and assistance to those in need.

McMillan Cancer Support and Certitude:

McMillan Cancer Support has been a beacon of hope for many, offering guidance, support, and care to cancer patients and their families. Certitude, on the other hand, has played a crucial role in supporting people with learning disabilities and mental health needs, helping them lead fulfilling and independent lives. Our contributions have aided these noble causes, reflecting our club’s ethos of empathy and community responsibility.

The Impact of Closure:

However, the proposed closure of Perivale Park Golf Course threatens to dismantle more than just a sports facility. It risks ending this tradition of charitable support. Without the club as a platform for these fundraising activities, McMillan Cancer Support and Certitude stand to lose a vital source of future donations. The closure does not just affect golfers; it impacts the wider community, including those who benefit from these charities' services.

Maintaining Awareness and Support:

As we face the possibility of losing our beloved golf course, it's crucial to recognize the broader implications of this decision. The closure doesn’t just take away a recreational space; it removes a pillar of community support and charity.

Call to Action:

We urge our members and the wider community to join us in the fight to keep Perivale Park Golf Club open. By saving our course, we preserve not only a place for sport but a source of ongoing support for those in need. Let's stand together to continue our tradition of giving, supporting McMillan Cancer Support and Certitude, and maintaining our community's spirit of generosity.

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