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Preserving Our Health and Community: Why Perivale Park Golf Course Matters

In a time where health and well-being are of paramount importance, the words of Chris Whitty, England's Chief Medical Officer, resonate deeply. He advocates for proactive measures to delay disability and multi-morbidity, emphasising the significance of exercise, mental stimulation, and a robust social network. These are "old fashioned" methods, as he puts it, but their efficacy remains undeniable.

At Perivale Park Golf Course, we have created a haven embodying these principles. The course is not just a place for sport; it's a hub for community interaction, mental engagement, and physical activity. Here, golfers find more than just a game – they find a supportive social network, a space for mental rejuvenation, and ample opportunity for physical exercise.

However, the proposed closure of this vital community asset by the Ealing Council raises a crucial question: Why strip the community of a resource that so effectively contributes to their well-being? For many residents, the golf course is their primary, if not only, source of regular exercise, mental challenge, and social interaction. It is a place where friendships are forged and health is nurtured.

If the Ealing Council proceeds with the closure, the repercussions extend beyond the loss of a recreational facility. It means depriving the community of a key resource supporting their health and well-being. The alternative? Limited to a short walk to the doctor’s as perhaps the only form of exercise for many. This is a far cry from the dynamic, engaging, and socially enriching experience that golf at Perivale Park offers.

In light of Chris Whitty’s advice, it becomes evident that places like Perivale Park Golf Course are more than just amenities – they are necessities. They play a crucial role in keeping our community healthy, both in body and mind. Removing such a resource contradicts the very advice of our top medical professional and undermines the health of our community.

We urge Ealing Council to reconsider the closure to view Perivale Park Golf Course not just as a piece of land but as a vital organ of our community's health system. Let's not take away a resource that so effectively fosters physical fitness, mental well-being, and social connectivity – all critical ingredients for a healthy, vibrant community.

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