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Welcome to Perivale Park Golf Club at Brent Valley, W7 3BE

Continuing the Legacy at Our New Home

Perivale Park Golf Club has been a cherished part of our community since its establishment in 1930. Over the decades, the club has grown into a welcoming environment for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Known for hosting numerous tournaments, community events, and charity fundraisers, the club has fostered strong bonds among its members and contributed significantly to the local community's social fabric.

The Reason for Relocation

Despite our best efforts, the Save Perivale Park Golf Course campaign was unable to secure the necessary support to keep the course open. Ealing Council has decided to close the nine-hole golf course on June 2, 2024, to repurpose the area for rewilding and expand Perivale Park into a larger public space. hence the relocation of the golf club to Brent valley. Our priority has always been to provide our members with an inclusive and friendly golfing experience, and this move allows us to continue in that tradition .


Brent Valley Aerial View
Brent Valley Golf Course

Our New Location

Discover Brent Valley Golf Course. Just do it!

Welcome to  Perivale Park Golf Club ,our new home at Brent Valley. Nestled in Hanwell, West London, the course is often referred to as the “hidden gem” . Owned by Ealing Council, this beautiful  18 Holes Golf Course offers an exceptional golfing experience with facilities and stunning natural scenery. Come and discover our New Location, where Perivale Park Golf Club's rich history and community spirit continue to thrive in a beautiful new setting.

Welcome to join Perivale Park Golf Course! As a member, you'll enjoy internationally recognised handicaps through WHS, My England Golf membership. We offer an induction process to help you get started. We're excited to have you on!

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Having up to £10m personal liability insurance included in the £30 or £50  annual fee is a huge plus. The club truly cares about its members' safety and pocket. The special 9-hole setup also makes it easier for me to play regularly.


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